How Expert Cleaners Revitalize Granite And Marble Surfaces? 

Residential Cleaning Services Calgary SW

Granite is used everywhere in homes like in the kitchen countertops, tiles, backsplashes, bathroom vanity tops, paving stones, and so on. The expert cleaners make use of incredible cleaning methods to make granite and marble tops shine and gleam. 

When you feel that your home marble and granite surfaces are getting damaged or looking filthy, then it is pertinent to take residential cleaning services Calgary SW to make them look elegant and ultra-clean. 

Residential Cleaning Services Calgary SW

In this blog, we will discuss different issues associated with granite and marble tops and how experts tackle cleaning those. So, let’s take a look: 

Problems Associated with Cleaning Marbles and Granites 


This is the most prevalent issue, which is caused when marbles absorb liquids, spills, or dirt caused by feet or other clutter. The staining can also lead to discoloration. 


Scratches can be caused by different things such as sharp objects or chemical-infused cleaners. 


Etching is generally caused because of citrus substances like juices or vinegar. Some use vinegar solutions to clean the marbles, which can also cause spoilage. 

Weather damage

The marble can also made bad by weather damage such as too much neatness or cold exertion. This can also lead to cracks in the surfaces sometimes. 

Time Factor

Time is also the main constraint that has a great effect on the marbles conditions. With time, the condition generally deteriorates. 

Here now, we will explore some pivotal methods that are used by topmost cleaners for Granite and marble cleaning in homes. 

Protecting Granite & Marble Countertops: Expert Strategies 

Testing the spot first

The experts start by testing the spots first to check the vulnerability. Before applying any sealant or treatment to the granite and marble accents, they use a sample on them to avoid problems later on. 


It is also essential to disinfect the surfaces before initiating the work. For the professionals use Isopropyl Alcohol solutions on the textures to combat any kind of allergy or disinfection which could be caused later on using different solutions on the marbles. 

Sticking To the Basics

Genuine cleaning experts rely on using simplistic methods to revitalize and preserve the shine of surfaces. For this, they make use of natural solutions, baking soda solutions, or dish liquid solutions to wipe off the mess.

This kind of technique is used when the textures are not too dirty and need gentle cleaning. 

Hydrogen Peroxides For tougher cleaning

Chemicals are not intrusively encouraged to be used, however, when the granites need adept cleaning, they make use of hydrogen peroxides to make the cleaning easy and to get the finest results. 

Guiding About Daily Maintenance

Maintaining the beauty of granite and marble requires establishing a regular cleaning schedule. The experts suggest everyday cleaning routines to help avoid stains, scratches, and other frequent problems while tackling the cleaning challenges. 

New Polishing

Finally, when things and processes don’t work, the cleaners advise on getting the marble and granite accents to get repolished. This helps in making the look of granites and marbles brand new, enhancing the luxurious appeal of homes. 

Concluding Thoughts

Hence, we can say that each part of our home needs intense care and replenishing treatment. From the above-mentioned insider strategies for making marbles, and granites shine, one can get back their home lusture back in various incredible ways. 

Seek expert residential cleaning services Calgary SW from Beniifs, the finest professionals in this field, who help individuals in many ways to keep their homes tidy and look presentable. 


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