How Professionals Clean Tiles And Walls Post-construction? 

Renovations Cleanup in Calgary

Everybody knows that post-renovation, the condition of any home becomes worse in terms of dirt, filth and dander. But when people hire professional renovations cleanup in Calgary services, things get easy. 

The expert cleaners take into account every core area for deep cleaning including the tiles and walls as well. It can be said that cleaning tiles and walls can take great time and efforts. The professionals make use of efficient techniques for getting the process done early and fabulously. 

Renovations Cleanup in Calgary

At first, we will get to know what preparations cleaners make for tiles and wall cleaning then we will know the steps. 

Prepping Things Up For Walls and Tiles Cleaning 

The cleaners at first start by making the surfaces dust-free and free from any kind of dander. Then the nearby rooms are sealed off so that any kind of clutter or cleaning product residue might not affect the surrounding spaces. Apart from this they also secure the doors from any kind of damage by doing plastic sealing on the surfaces. Furthermore, the vents are also blocked to prevent any kind of wreck. 

Ways How Professionals Clean Walls & Tiles Post-Construction


Step 1: Collecting the cleaning tools & Equipment 

The cleaners start by gathering all the required tools and cleaning solutions for walls and tiles. The things can include: 

  • Rubber scraper or the t-shaped spatula 
  • A hoover 
  • Ammonia or vinegar in most of cases 
  • Antibacterial ingredients
  • Gloves 
  • Small brush 
  • A tile or wall cleaner which can include an alkaline gel or dishwashing liquid, cillit window cleaner, soap, and water. 
  • Face mask for protection 

Step 2:  Dust Mitigation 

Then the cleaners remove all the dust layers from the walls and tiles which are necessary to be done before applying the final cleaning solutions on the surfaces. The professional makes use of HEPA ( High-Efficiency Particulate Air ) vacuum cleaners to remove dust thoroughly. It captures the smallest of dust particles which ensures the safe and cleanest environment. 

Step 3:  Grout Rejuvenation 

Grout that is easily prone to strain or spoilage during construction. So, specialized grout cleaners and brushes are used to restore the grout’s finest appearance. The expert cleaners make use of pH-neutral cleaners for cleaning soft and delicate tiles like porcelain and ceramic. 

Step 4: Wet Cleaning 

If the strains are stubborn, then the professionals have to imply the hard cleaning processes that work effectively. This includes wet cleaning which wipes off the most strenuous stains and accumulated dirt.

For any kind of cleaning process, the cleaners make use of cutting-edge tools and implements so that no harm can be caused to the spaces. 

Step 5: Safety Practices During Clean Up 

For any of the cleaning tasks, the professionals first keep in mind to follow all the safety rules to follow. They identify signs of hazards and remain aware of the chemicals that can pose risks to the people and spaces around them. For that, they make use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), masks, and goggles. 

In Conclusion 

So, these are some of the steps that every professional cleaner follows for the efficient post-rennovations cleaning task. Living in a pristine and healthy environment is essential for a blooming life. So, always avail the topmost renovations cleanup in Calgary services when you think that your home is full of clutter and dander post construction. 

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