Top Hacks Followed By Experts To Clean Popcorn Ceiling 

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A ceiling that looks stippled or bumped gives the look of a popcorn ceiling. It also looks like a cottage cheese ceiling or a popcorn surface.

This kind of surface is widely used in places because it have the tendency to hide imperfections and also combat noises. However, cleaning these kinds of textures is never easy. 

The professional cleaners Calgary make use of fabulous techniques to solve this problem in places so that the surfaces always look new and pristine. 

Expert Cleaners Calgary

Let’s watch out and explore this problem in this blog and how experts overcome it following different measures. 

Before Getting Started: What To Know About Popcorn Ceilings? 

  • The surfaces are built to hide imperfections 

One of the primary reasons why people use these textures in homes is to conceal imperfections. 

  • For Sound Absorption 

The ceilings also have acoustic properties that help absorb sounds and echoes. 

  • Hide Ceiling Stains 

The best advantage of these kinds of surfaces is that they help hide stains or any kind of damage or spoilage on the textures. 

  • Light Reflection 

The bumpy surfaces diffuse light in different directions making the area more comfortable. 

Strategies Used By Cleaning Experts To Clean Popcorn Ceilings 

1. Gentle Dusting Techniques

The experts begin with a light dusting technique first before moving on to more thorough cleaning techniques. Professional cleaners carefully remove loose debris and cobwebs from the textured surface using soft-bristle brushes or Hoover attachments.

2. Spray Bottle Application 

The cleaners use spray bottles with a cleaning solution to prevent oversaturation. One tiny area of the ceiling at a time, they sprinkle the solution lightly. This focused strategy avoids too much moisture, which can deteriorate the texture of the popcorn.

3. Stain-Specific Cleaning 

By applying tailored cleaning treatments, professional cleaners remove tough stains. When combined with water, baking soda paste can effectively remove and lift stubborn stains. The paste is applied on the surface and is let to sit, and then the residue is carefully wiped away. 

4. Using Soft Sponge and Microfiber Cloth 

The experts make use of a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth when doing popcorn surface cleaning. Because of these materials, the stains and debris are removed without worrying about causing harm to the delicate popcorn texture. It is important to be patient and wait a few minutes before wiping after adding the cleaning solution.

5. Using a Lint Roller or Cobwebs 

Expert cleaners frequently use a lint roller to remove cobwebs from difficult-to-reach corners. Dust and cobwebs can be removed from the textured surface without causing any damage by gently rolling the lint roller across it.

In Conclusion 

So, this was all about the Popcorn ceiling and how expert cleaners clean these surfaces. It is vital to clean each and every area of your home for healthy living and for that professional cleaners Calgary services are important. 

Always communicate openly with your cleaners to meet all your individualized cleaning needs. Contact Beniifs cleaning experts for getting customized cleaning services for your residential and commercial places. 


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