What Are 3 Different Phases Of Post-construction Cleaning? 

Post Construction Cleaning in Calgary

When the post-construction cleaning project is finally done, there would be a lot of mess, dust and debris left behind. It can also happen that due to the unwanted trash at the surfaces, some people may get affected by accidents on construction site. 

For the deep cleaning, people usually avail expert post construction cleaning in Calgary services. 

Post Construction Cleaning in Calgary

Here in this blog, we would throw light on what are the main 3 phases of post-construction cleaning, why post construction cleaning is important and also areas that need deep cleaning post cleaning. So, let’s have a look: 

3 Phases Of Post-Construction Cleaning 

Rough Cleaning 

At first, the process of rough cleaning is initiated. In this first phase, the cleaners first visit the place and take the mind snapshot of what things are needed to be cleaned and then start their work by following it. In addition to this, cleaners also emphasize on wiping all the windows and doors. 

This process is done after the plumbing and also when the electric wires get framed. And post this process, painting and flooring renovation step is followed for the space. 

Light Cleaning 

In this phase, more time is taken as compared to other cleaning phases because this stage needs more work and efforts. 

Also, in this phase lot of equipment and tools are used for conducting the efficient cleaning process. The areas on which mere focus is given are kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms as compared to others. 

The experts would clean things like baseboards, door frames, mirrors, cabinets and so on, using different cleaning techniques. Overall, it is a comprehensive cleaning process, which would cover all the essentials for deep cleaning, so that only final touch is left. 

Final Touch-Up Cleaning 

This is the full and final phase which is completed after several days of light cleaning. This task can take atleast a week so that the areas can be given revival touch for residing. In this touch-up round, work is done to remove fingerprints, stains, smudges and so on. 

And at this phase, cleaners also emphasize on the garage area, vacuuming the carpets, mopping out the floors. 

The experts make use of power washing, steam sanitizing, grout deep cleaning and other various techniques to complete this step. 

Why Post-Construction Cleaning Is Important?



The post-construction sites have the dirt and debris left over in the form of sharp objects, exposed nails and screw. To remain safe from getting injured from these, the after construction cleaning services are taken. 

To Combat Health Challenges 

There are a lot of health allergens, pollutants, harmful particles at the surfaces after building renovation, which can also lead to different health issues. 

So, to combat with the health issues afterwards, these services are a must. 

For Safeguarding Property Value 

A clean and well-maintained building has more property value, so these services are crucial to be taken. 

Reservation of Surfaces & Finishes 

Surfaces including flooring, countertops, and fixtures may sustain damage, stains, or residue from construction operations. 

So, to remain protected from these issues, there is a need for adept after renovation cleaning services. 

Final Words 

Hence, we have now detailed you the 3 magical phases that comes when you procure best-in-class  post construction cleaning in Calgary services. Property owners can feel secure knowing that their facility is spick and span, safe, and ready for use when they leave the cleaning to the pros.

Take the expert cleaning services post renovation from Beniifs expert cleaners, as they follow the best practices for making your home and commercial spaces shine. 



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