What Is Included In A Deep Professional Office Cleaning Session?

Office Cleaning in Calgary

A clean office certainly elevates employee productivity and boosts overall morale. By cultivating a clean and organized office area, employees are provided with a sense of structure and order, facilitating efficient work and reducing distractions. This tidiness enables employees to concentrate more effectively, swiftly access essential resources, and accomplish tasks with greater efficiency. 

Spick and Span working spaces also contribute to a healthier and more hygienic atmosphere, reducing the spread of germs and illnesses, which in turn leads to fewer sick days and increased employee attendance. Much more importantly, a clean office demonstrates that the organization values its employees’ well-being and takes pride in providing them with a pleasant and professional working environment. 

And to achieve all this, you need to hire professionals like Beni Integrated Facility Services who can do the office cleaning in Calgary for you. Since the quality of services are falling in the market, a lot of our clients often share their concerns before assigning us a cleaning job, and the most commonly asked question is “What is included in an office deep cleaning session?”

Office Cleaning in Calgary

Well, here is your answer. Make sure to read till end to know all the details.

1. Entrance And Reception Areas

The entrance and reception areas are the first points of contact for visitors, clients, and employees. Office cleaning services encompass cleaning and disinfecting the reception desk, lobby seating, entry doors, and windows to create a welcoming and hygienic atmosphere. Regular cleaning of these areas helps maintain a positive first impression and ensures a clean environment for everyone who enters the office.

2. Workstations And Cubicles

Individual workstations and cubicles are where employees spend a significant portion of their day. These areas can harbor dust, debris, and germs if not properly cleaned. Office cleaning services typically include dusting and wiping down work surfaces, cleaning computer screens and keyboards, disinfecting telephones, and emptying trash bins. By keeping workstations clean and sanitized, employees can work in a healthy and pleasant environment.

3. Meeting Rooms And Conference Areas

Meeting rooms and conference areas are spaces where important discussions, presentations, and collaborations take place. These areas need to be clean, well-organized, and presentable at all times. Office cleaning services entail dusting tables, chairs, and other furniture, vacuuming or mopping floors, cleaning whiteboards or presentation screens, and ensuring that all equipment is properly sanitized. A clean meeting room reflects professionalism and helps create a conducive environment for effective communication and decision-making.

4. Breakrooms And Kitchen Areas

Breakrooms and kitchen areas serve as spaces where employees can relax, recharge, and have their meals. These areas often accumulate food debris, spills, and odors, making regular cleaning essential. Office cleaning services include cleaning and disinfecting countertops, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, and other appliances. Emptying trash, restocking supplies, and ensuring overall cleanliness contribute to a pleasant break-time experience for employees.

5. Restrooms And Washrooms

Clean and hygienic restrooms are crucial for the well-being and comfort of employees and visitors. Office cleaning services encompass thorough cleaning and disinfection of toilets, sinks, faucets, mirrors, floors, and other fixtures. Restocking toilet paper, hand soap, and hand towels is also part of the cleaning routine. Regular and meticulous restroom cleaning promotes a healthy and sanitary environment for all occupants.

6. Hallways And Common Areas

Hallways, corridors, and other common areas in an office are frequently used by employees and visitors. These areas can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris quickly. Office cleaning services involve vacuuming or mopping these spaces, dusting surfaces, cleaning windows and glass partitions, and ensuring that they are well-maintained and visually appealing. A clean and well-kept environment in common areas contributes to a positive overall impression of the office.

The Gist

Our office cleaning services cover a comprehensive range of areas, ensuring that our entire office space remains clean, organized, and hygienic. From the entrance and reception areas to workstations, meeting rooms, breakrooms, restrooms, and common areas, our professional cleaners meticulously clean, disinfect and maintain these spaces. 

Be assured that we Beni Integrated Facility Services would transform your messy office into a well-organized and tidy workplace that leaves a lasting impression on everyone that pays a visit. 

So, if you’re wanting to hire professionals who do the office cleaning in Calgary then why delay unnecessarily? Book a cleaning session today!

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